Sharing Life In The "Sun"


about us


oleèvita is a community of engaged, connected “practitioners” in an ever-increasing, disconnected world.

SoleéVita is the result of a desire for a holistic approach to living intentionally and the ideals of well mind, body AND spirit. We cannot fully control our environment, but we can control how we nurture our body and mind and how we interact with our surroundings. We recognize our greater well-being is enhanced sharing and our interaction with others and nature.

SoleèVita is an authentic community celebrating a healthy, holistic lifestyle pursuit while serving as a trusted source of information and shared ideals. Our quest is to introduce and show how easy and simple daily adoption of SoleèVita concepts and ideals can lead to a greater satisfactions in our lives.

SoleèVita recognizes a three facet approach to holistic wellness. Too many experts speak of wellness almost exclusively in terms of fitness or nutrition and sometimes both. The mental aspects of a holistic wellness is usually overlooked by most. The pursuit of a SoleèVita lifestyle recognizes there are many psychological benefits as well.

Holistic wellness is more than just exercising, fixing a meal and counting calories and grams. We believe food and natural fitness pursuits provides a spiritual connection to Earth and the Earth’s connection to the Sun. Without the Sun, there would be no life on Earth. Our body’s center is the focal point of our energy and spirit and “feeding” your body is essential to holistic wellness. Hence, the SoleèVita sun logo represents both life both within oneself and on Earth.

SoleèVita is about the pursuit of a “life-fulfilled” experience afforded by the “Sun” and we celebrate these benefits to our holistic wellness. Time out-of-doors hiking, climbing, surfing or even sightseeing allows us a renewed connection to our environment – visions, sounds and experiences which stimulates our mind unlike anything found through an electronic screen.

One best ways this Sun and Earth relationship can be witnessed is through farming and the foods we eat and SoleèVita celebrates this dramatic relationship. This relationship is intrinsic and goes beyond recipes and physical fitness. We believe one of the highest things we can do for ourselves is to nurture our bodies – both physically and mentally.

There is great pleasures to be experienced in the foods we eat. Through our choices in the foods we eat, we show respect for ourselves and foster a mental wellness produced from the exercise in creativity derived in the preparation and an increased self-esteem through achieved through accomplishment.

The SoleèVita community desires foods that taste fresh and which are prepared authentically. We want food sources as close to home as possible as we understand it better supports our local communities as well as our health. We want to know our environmental "footprint" is small and our sources are sustainable. We want to foster our local farmers and facilitate their growth as valuable providers for our communities.

The strongest ideal of SoleèVita is to share. Share passion. Share experiences. Share knowledge. Our desire is to introduce, build awareness and integrate our holistic ideals into daily life and foster connections with others as we share this passion. From simply sharing a meal to activities such as community gardening and education, we’re extending our connections to others and building important psychological well-being.

This pronounced sense of community embraced through SoleèVita transcends from within ourselves to our surroundings. Our quest is to live better wherever we may be - country, suburb or city. And as a community, we believe it is paramount to educate and preserve what has been given by those who came before us. We have an intimate desire to leave the same heritage, although wiser from experience, to those who follow us.